Rhonda's media work has included over 300 television interviews. Her speaking engagements are in demand by a number of different companies and organizations. Below are a few of the invites from these engagements.

Rhonda has and up coming talk with The Ontario Association of Gastroenterology spousal talk, "The Sexual Goddess Within"

Click, If you would like to see a small portion of one of my recent speaking engagements. Please note this presentation will open with Windows Media Player in a separate window.






Fall/Winter 08, 09, all media interviews
Environics Communication and eBay Canada
“eBay Research: Homesickness”

February 2007, 26 media interviews
Environics  Communication and MacKenzie Financial Inc.
“Mackenzie Burn Rate: How Canadians Spend Money”

December 2006, 23 media interviews
Environics Communication and eBay Canada
“eBay Merry Meltdown Report: The Stress of Holiday Shopping”

Spring and Fall 2003, 16 cities
CIBC Wealth Management Services
“Power Retirement: How to be powerful planning for retirement and during retirement”

Fall 2000, 20 cities
AIM Funds Management
Professional Development Day
“The Psychology of Selling”

Winter 2000, 12 towns
Trimark Investments Inc.
“Successful Families Talk About Money”

Winter 2000, 24 cities
Trimark Investments Inc.
Professional Development Day
“Being #1 in Effective Communication for Insurance Reps”

Fall 1999, 27 cities
Trimark Investments Inc.
Media tour and Professional Development Day
“Effective Communication for Financial Advisors”